Being a Texas Real Estate agent myself, I know the time and effort it took to get your license, and I might have a way to help you make some extra money even if you are no longer interested in actively engaging in the business.  According to Texas law, an inactive agent can only receive a maximum of $50 for a lead. Peet Realty Group could help you far exceed that amount. 

Several years ago, the National Association of Realtors authorized a form of Real Estate Brokerage called a Limited Function Referral Organization (LFRO).  This is a Brokerage that ONLY allows agents who work referral business.  Your license would “hang” under Peet Realty Group, LLC, (an LFRO Brokerage) and you would be “active” for referrals only.  Under this structure, you do not have dues to any Real Estate association or local MLS organizations.  The only thing you need to do is stay in good standing with the Texas Real Estate Commission’s (TREC) requirements and fees to keep your license in force.

If you choose to let your license “hang under” Peet Realty Group, LLC, and send your incoming referrals there, you will receive 20% of the net closing commissions earned on the sales.  No monthly office fees, no MLS fees, no contracts to manage, no showings, no open houses, no door knocking, no yard signs, no kidding …  Sound good?

As an example; a $350,000 listing you refer with a net listing agent commission fee of 1.5% could mean $1,050 to you for the lead after it closes.  Not bad for a closed referral!  This alone would offset your license maintenance fees with TREC including continuing education for several years.  And, a couple of these a year would make for a great vacation fund or help you get ahead a little further a little faster.

I’m sure you know people in the counties of Collin, Denton, Tarrant, Wise, or the surrounding areas that might be looking to buy or sell their home or other investment property.  This is a great opportunity to keep your head in the game and make some good money for all the hard work you have already put forward in the Real Estate industry.

At you will find more information, TREC required documents, and a generic copy of the Agent Referral Agreement PDF.  If you’re interested, I’ll personalize these forms and email them to you for DocuSign signatures.  The entire cost to get started is $10.30 which I rebate at your first referral’s closing.

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